The Sparrow

The Sparrow

12 responses to “The Sparrow”

  1. Siddharth says:

    Suppurb click sir.. ?????

  2. Ssw says:

    That’s good.I like it very much.

  3. Klaus says:


  4. Neeraj says:

    Nice one

  5. Anant Sharma says:

    Nice photograph ??

  6. Before this, I don’t know how a sparrow looks like. For real. I’ve heard of it too many times but never care enough to know what and how it looks like. Thanks for this… now I know. 😀 Nice photo!

  7. Martha says:

    It is so cute.And the photo is so nice~

  8. Roshan Besekar says:

    photo is clear shot and looking like professional photography.
    sparrow is very close to our daily life and the information provided by you is very good as aware some new features of sparrow. keep it your passion so we can get more colours of nature from ur photo clicks.

  9. Justin says:

    So beautiful ?

  10. Akhil says:


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