Creepers – They Always Climb Up!

Creepers – They Always Climb Up!

23 responses to “Creepers – They Always Climb Up!”

  1. Dharmveersinh Jadeja says:

    Nice One!!

  2. GGarvit choudhary says:


  3. Gopika says:

    Wow amazing Click keep rocking…

  4. Jeevan jena says:

    Its dam good

  5. Sourabh says:

    Very true and admirable one lesson

  6. Atsushi Tamaki says:

    It is a beautiful green color with a calming heart.
    I think that this picture has no blur,
    high transparency, beautifully taken.
    Even though the languages ​​are different, I think people can feel beautiful, respectively

  7. Excellent..nice to see..

  8. Sachin says:

    nice one. Keep it up.

  9. Gama Singh says:

    Looks charming….

  10. ELAYARAJAN D says:

    This process of creeping towards sunlight to acquire photosynthesis is a natural one.
    Photos are clear.
    In moral terms for humans, is that when we creep towards knowledge to acquire an built nation.
    Thank you.

  11. Vikram Vashisht says:

    Creepers climb the way we want them to!
    If left alone, they would obviously climb up on receiving a vertical support. They can grow horizontally as well.

  12. says:

    Brown Creepers search for small insects and spiders by hitching upward in a spiral around tree trunks and limbs. They move with short, jerky motions using their stiff tails for support. To move to a new tree, they fly weakly to its base and resume climbing up. Brown Creepers sing a high, warbling song; they also give a high, wavering call note that sounds similar to that of a Golden-crowned Kinglet.

  13. Shubham bhimawat says:


  14. Aishwary Bisen says:

    Lovely picture, just love it! ❤️

  15. Fantastic photography in all above photoes

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