Eye says something

Eye says something

28 responses to “Eye says something”

  1. Hina Dave says:

    Yes I definately agree the eyes say it all about the person even animals. ☺?. So yes you do need to see the world fully with your remarkable eyes and take care of them and appreciate what we have.?

  2. Piku says:

    Yes,right…. I agree this…. Absolutely…. the eyes says all about the person…

  3. Aakash Mehta says:

    Nice article

  4. Yash says:

    Nice Post…!

  5. Anil says:

    Nice one ?

  6. shiv12592 says:

    realy its says much more than any one can understand….great capture…loves u…

  7. Bapon says:

    Nice post

  8. Mufaddal gondalwala says:

    Nice pics dear keep doing this great job ??

  9. Dharmveesinh Jadeja says:

    I agree that the eyes say……
    Awsome pic….
    Perfect pic….

  10. Khunti karan says:

    Eye says something is a very nice post

    Something eyes say everything

    Very nice post
    Keep it up

  11. Arvind says:

    Such a nice and purity of god like eys
    Eys never tell a wrong

  12. Vijay says:

    Great learning and i big opportunity if cause attached like eye donation
    This will help a blind to be worth of life

  13. Sushil says:

    It’s reflect the every things whatever in the heart.

  14. LOFinao says:

    This was a great read about how to use the Camera and your tactics for taking a picture! Just lovely!

  15. pratap says:

    nyc content …and hats off to the awesome pic dear 🙂

  16. Kishan Singh says:

    That is awesome nd best of luck for future

  17. Thanks to all the friends for your valuable comments… your comment matters for me…

  18. Biyon Sony says:

    Photography is indeed an art.
    A good content and an innovative experience ?
    And yes, “Eyes always say something”.

  19. Vijay Singh says:

    Sure …..eyes express feelings in unique way……

  20. Nazlan says:

    Eye says something-

  21. Hariom says:

    Nic pic

  22. Gaurav More says:

    Totally agree
    Eye says everything and it’s easy to recognize a person , Nice snap ??

  23. Teresa Orta says:

    It’s amazing
    And totally agree

  24. Lokesh Shrivastva says:

    Nice one.. Better compilation..

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