Memories Will Never Die Quotes, Sayings And Proverbs About Life

Memories Will Never Die Quotes, Sayings And Proverbs About Life

42 responses to “Memories Will Never Die Quotes, Sayings And Proverbs About Life”

  1. Sanket Patel says:

    It’s nice ture story..??????

  2. Riza says:

    The picture, it says everything. Very nice. ☺

  3. Zainab says:

    Nice ?

  4. Lea Sestoso says:

    That’s true! Bad or good memories you can’t replaced it from your life because that memories is part of your life, no matter what. People came and go but memories stays.

  5. Candy says:


  6. REALLY nice! Keep it up 🙂

  7. Rajnish says:

    Yaaaahhhh it’s really a best link. I think our memories is the part of our life anybody can’t ignore it.
    Thanks for it my friend.

  8. Srinivas says:

    Really Superb…

  9. Anjali says:

    Very nice shot. The dim light makes it perfect.

  10. Dominic tucker says:

    Thoughtful thinking!

  11. kamrul hoque says:

    Thank u

  12. Aditya says:

    Good one. I like the list of moments that bring back memories. I want to add to it. I think there are specific songs that out certain memories are attached to. Whenever we listen to the same specific song playing, we are instantly reminded of the memory. Have you experienced this?

    • Hello Aditya,
      You are absolutely right. I experienced the same that you said. Whenever you listen to some specific song, you will remember your old memories. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  13. Birendra kumar says:

    Nice pic with excellent thoughts

  14. Gourav Kumar says:

    Nicely captured

  15. Sumit Mudgal says:

    What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

    • Hello Sumit Mudgal,
      You are absolutely right Mr. Sumit. The photo that we captured is the track of our past memories forever. It is impossible to reproduce it. Thank you for your kind words. The words like your goes in a long way in encouraging us to scale new heights.

  16. Joni says:

    Thank you for this. It is quite beautiful and accurate. Some of my fondest memories are from my grandmother growing up, since my life wasn’t exactly wholesome, but having her in my life made it all better and worth it. So, the good memories do overtake the bad for sure. ❤

    • Hello Joni,
      Thank you for sharing your memories with us. We really appreciate it and thank you for writing to the blog post. We are happy to connect with friends like you.

  17. Memories are never alone. The environment around you marks time and space. The smell of things, the temperature, the breeze, the color of the sky, the texture of what you see. all this is part of what you lived and on occasion when you are in another place but feel that smell your mind will travel in time and take you to that night in that place near the tree.
    @ciento50Lionel 150Lionel

  18. Bryce Didion says:

    That was pretty good, I really enjoyed it And would recommend this to others.

    • Hello Bryce Didion,
      Thank you for your kind words. The words like your goes in a long way in encouraging us to scale new heights.. Thank you for recommend to others and notice good vision of the website. We need the support of friends like you. Enjoy the blog.

  19. says:

    memorable captures. very nice.. good luck for your next prospects.
    best wishes regards

  20. Jenna amey says:

    Love itt makes me think of evemings in my hometown sydenham on. Back woods sunsets.. gahh . Love itt 💚💚🖤

  21. Manojkumar says:

    As of mine… Memory is nothing but collection of data by past nd present life of our experience.. The places u saw, things u did, the persones u met, our brain relatable to such experiences whn ever u met, u did or u see, nd it recognize nd told us weather its bad or good memory… For tht our difrent responds. The picture reminds me my childhood, look like my moms workplace whch is am feeling joy, hpy…I used to ply vth other kids whn my mom went to work… Thnkq fr remembring one of my childhood joyful memory…..

    • Hello Mr. Manoj,
      Thank you for sharing your golden memories with us. some memories of our life give us great happiness when we remember it. Keep in touch with us for future posts. Again, thanks for writing to us. We are very happy..

  22. K S RAJESH SHARMA says:

    The most valuable memories were mostly came in my journey….. It’s totally traveling with my past experience….. Some times tears will come with me When I was with my happiest past memories….. I missed my school, college Life….. Lifetime is one way nobody comes back….. But our thinking Will do rewinding our past beautiful memories, so thinking is good as do as photos….
    I’m happy to share with you my friend by K S RAJESH SHARMA

  23. K S RAJESH SHARMA says:

    Very very superbbb

  24. Vishnu Pandit says:

    This is really very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Manuel says:

    I absolutely love the photo. It brings back to when I was a kid living with my grandparents on their little farm. And all the great times I had.

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