Need water drops for surviving says a bird

Need water drops for surviving says a bird

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  1. Amazing click 👌👌👌

  2. Hiren Kamani says:

    Good Post Ravi,
    In summer many NGO Distribute “Free Bird Feeder” or one can purchase it. by this little effort many animal life can be saved. Remember “Earth was created for all life, not just for human life”.

  3. Varun mishra says:

    An exception is injured birds, which can be taken to a local wildlife rehabilitator for treatment.
    Ensure dogs and cats stay away from young birds. …
    Keep things fresh. …
    Maintain your land in a bird-friendly fashion. …
    Be a good landlord. …
    Don’t spray: Stay away from pesticides. …
    Celebrate good times …

    • Thank You, Mr Varun, for your kind words. Your suggestion is valid and we should keep it in our mind. Thank you for reading and helping us by writing a comment to the blog post.

  4. Neeraj Saini says:

    Image tells its story itself

  5. Kalpesh Surati says:

    Nice Click…… Ravi
    Unspoken words of the bird are visualised by the click….

  6. Vibrators says:

    Well we all need it to stay hydrated. Water is in everything. A majority of what we need to survive involves water in some way. And besides, do you expect a deer to go out and have a Mountain Dew? Nah, those critters NEED water.

  7. You have great thoughts I really liked it!

  8. Sishir Kumar says:

    Nice one 👌

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